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Oct 11, 2008

How To Troubleshoot Standby or Hibernate Problem

What if Windows doesn't awaken from its standby or hibernate modes?

Many standby and hibernate problems can be traced to graphics boards and sound cards. A simple driver update might get hibernation working again.

Some applications can cause sleep/wake-up difficulties as well. As a test, put your PC into standby or hibernation when particular programs are running, and when they aren't. If everything works when you're not running a certain program, look for a free update, replace the app if no such update is available, or close the program before you take a break.

A BIOS update could also resolve the matter. Check your system vendor's Web site to see if one is available.

If something doesn't work immediately after your system wakes up, wait a bit and try again. Your computer could take a while to come back. If all else fails, enter the name of the hardware or software you installed most recently along with the words 'standby' or 'hibernate' in a search engine to find Web pages and Usenet discussions on potential problems.


TechByPC said...

Good tips. A couple more you might want to have mentioned: Sometimes downgrading the video card to the previous version will do the trick. Virus scan software has also caused problems. I was never able to get resume to work reliably with Zonealarm's full suite. Uninstalling the software fixed the problem. I switched to NOD32 and do not have any issue.

Gem said...

Encountered this issue before but I had no success. The BIOS, video and motherboard drivers were all updated. =( I alway end up pressing the reset button.

I decided to disable all, especially the hibernate feature.