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Jun 6, 2010

Pinoy PC Tips New Domain

Get your own free domain too!
I really have been thinking a lot about getting my own domain for my blogs since, frankly speaking, the website's URL is too long. Since I'm hosted with the blogger service, my original URL was Wow. I can't even promote my site to my relatives because its hard to remember!

Read on to know how I got my own domain :)

Good thing I discovered CO.CC. They give free domains for personal websites and access to DNS control which is very good since you can even setup your own email domain under the registered CO.CC domain. Cool! Anyway, I share this info to my fellow blogger so you can avail of this free service too! No more long URLs to remember or type for your website. I provided a search button below to check if your desired domain is available.

BTW, update your bookmarks for my new URL: :) Cheers!


eric said...

you could have gotten the FREE Domain Name for TLD like .com


Jonas J. said...

Thanks for the heads up eric! 1x1 internet's promo is attractive but its not really free.

With CO.CC, the domain (or domains; its unlimited) you register is free forever if its for personal use. Also, you get full DNS control. I might setup my own email server with it. Really helpful for administrators wanting their own domains.

Besides their referral program earns you bucks too. Oops! I already sound like an advertisement. Check it out for yourself. If you don't like it, you can always opt out. Cheers! :)

eric said...

Hey Jonas,

I already have.CO.CC domain ;) I even using it in my link building.

1and1 free domain name registration promo is TOTALLY FREE for 1 YEAR for .COM and not for any other TLDs such as .ORG .NET (my mistake).

I actually got 1 for me last month of May because their promo was supposed to be only for that month. The good news is they extended it until the end of June.

By the way, I did not pay them anything...not a single centavo.

Jonas J. said...


Yep saw the promo of 1x1. Its free for the first year but next year you have to pay $8.99 for its renewal. That's my deal breaker hehe. :)

icedbox2002 said...

nice site sir! if you hav sometime feel free to visit my site

Jonas said...


yep you have a good website there too! a little advise though, the navigation links should be easy to find so visitors won't be confused. oh well, just my 2 cents :P

btw, nice avatar ~_^