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Apr 16, 2010

Discontinued Support for Windows XP

Windows XP Discontinued Support in 2014XP will probably be safe for a long time after Microsoft stops issuing security updates.

First of all, it will have had more than 12 years of updates and security patches by then. That will almost certainly make it more secure and stable than whatever version of Windows is the current new thing.

And remember that malware changes faster than operating systems. The threats you'll have to worry about in 2014 (when Microsoft discontinues support) won't be written to take advantage of holes in an outdated, obsolete operating system that few people are still using.

Nevertheless, unless money is extremely tight, you may want to replace your current PC with a new one before 2014. If you're concerned that an important productivity application won't work with Windows 7, you should make an effort to find out. The overwhelming majority do.


erwinz2 said...

well i've seen people still using windows xp until now and i don't think that they will change to vista or windows 7 pretty soon unless they will need to buy a new computer hehe there's a certain attachment to an OS when you are using it for the longest time. I remember i had problems moving on with my windows 98 when xp came out hahaha

Jonas J. said...

what windows 7 is should have been what vista was. great time to upgrade from XP to 7.

fetus said...

yeah, windows 7 is pretty awesome. and vista sucks.