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Apr 8, 2010

Windows Aero Snap Shortcuts

Windows 7 Aero Snap
Did you know you can use Windows 7's cool Aero Snap feature to simplify file management? Just open two instances of Windows Explorer, then place them side by side by dragging the windows to opposite edges of the screen. Even better, you can use keyboard shortcuts to do this. Instead of dragging each window to a screen edge, waiting for it to half-maximize, letting go the mouse button, and repeating with the other window, all you need is the Windows key.

Tap Windows-Left Arrow to snap any selected window to the left side of the screen. Naturally, tapping Windows-Right Arrow snaps the selected window to the right side. (This comes in especially handy if you use multiple monitors, as you can't drag a window to the right edge of your lefthand screen or the left edge of your righthand screen.)

While we're on the subject, Windows-Up Arrow maximizes the selected window, while Windows-Down Arrow returns it to its previous location and size.